Hello Sri,

I am the father of Julia, I wanted to thank you. You saved my daughter from so much worry and trouble by telling her why things were going bad. It was very helpful to know that its not about thier compatibility between my daughter and son-in-law but it’s the times they are going through that makes things difficult.

Allen ( USA )

“When you told me that I will not win my elections. I was initially very dissapointed. But later it helped me relax more. You made me see the truth before it happened, you guided where I can put my energy other than politics. You have told me that its unlikely to win this elections as well. I wait for the time you will say I will win. But my trust in your has increased. You help me cope up with life’s truths. Your service is valuable”.


AKN (Africa)

Sri Mathaji,

Absolutely perfect! you have been given a gift and i am so happy to see that your spiritual master has recognised this and has asked you to do this valuable service for the benefit of so many. thank you for sharing this gift that Krsna has so kindly given to you and now you are offering it back to Him and His devotees. Perfection!

With immense gratitude

Ramila dasi ( Mayapur )

Dear Sri,

“….Every single counsel you gave me was so right. You told me not to trust this man I was dating and I just didn’t have the intelligence to see it, just after a year everything came out like you had seen about him. I am grateful for your patience and help, you have helped me since 5 years selflessly. I am mpressed with your detachment and determination to help. I owe a big time..”

Regina G ( France )