A Perfect Astrologer

So the astrologer… Astrologer, a perfect astrologer is called sarvajna. Sarvajna means he knows past, present and future. A real astrologer means he will tell you about your past life and he will tell you about your present life and your future life also. There is a system of astrology in India which is called Bhrgu-samhita. Any man will go, and if the expert in Bhrgu-samhita science, he will at once tell you what you were in your past life, how you are acting in this present life, and what is your next life.

Therefore, perfection of astrology is in the Bhrgu-samhita, and they are called sarvajna. In old Indian system, as soon as child is born, an expert astrologer will be called forth and there will be ceremony, jata-karma, just after the birth. Just like, before giving birth to the child, there was some ceremony which is called garbhadhana ceremony, and between the birth-giving ceremony and the child is born, there are two other ceremonies, sadhavakan etc.. So after the birth of the child, the astrologer is called forth and he begins to tell about the future of the boy – Srila Prabhupada, Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya-lila 20.125 — New York, November 27, 1966

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