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View free consultation videos by MAPSS president Sri, broadcasted in television programmes in Africa.


MAPSS for all your needs

Looking for direction in life? Facing obstacles or problems? Do you want to develop yourself fully? You need the MAP of your life to make right decisions.


Access your powers!

We provide more than Just Astrology. How not to get stuck with fatalistic reading? Consult us to know your hidden potentials How to erase bad karma? How to change your future and make it more positive?


Vedic Astrology & Psychology

Internationally experienced consultants with academic credentials and traditional training. Expert guidance on the level of psychology and astrology to help the modern mind.


New book publication

Learn about the dangers of dabbling in Astrology without grasping its real meaning and purpose.  The right and the wrong understanding of Astrology explained.



Welcome to MAPSS
Our goal is to help you find the MAP of your life and to guide you in the right direction.

We provide you useful information about the planetary forces in your life, how they contribute to who you are, and tips to maximize the benefits of positive influences / minimize negative ones; guide you in terms of your karma & dharma in regards to different areas of your life.

Solutions that you need

Our reports and analysis can be very helpful

to save time energy and help you in investing yourselves in the right relationships, right place, or right job. Our experts at MAPSS make your charts personally and it is not a computer generated report.


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